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Running Clinic

Chris Liversidge Light Physiotherapy’s specialist Running Clinic provides a full Physio-led package, to help you get the most out of every run

Our Physio’s Becky and  Chris love running as much as you do – so they understand the importance of working to your individual health and well-being.


All our Running Clinics are Covid Secure.  Working 1:1 with one of our Physios, you’ll receive a full standard assessment, plus one or both of the following options:


  • 1.8 mile Outdoor Assessment – an accompanied run which identifies where, when and how your physical problems are occurring
  • Treadmill Gait Analysis – A specialist, video-aided analysis of how you run.  This allows extreme slow-motion replays, timing, and angular joint motion calculations of specific aspects of your gait cycle.  When coupled with your Physiotherapy assessment, this allows us to identify how our assessment findings on the Physio bed may be contributing to your symptoms.  This then facilitates increased treatment specificity.


1 Hour Running Clinic

Full Physio-led assessment plus one of the above options  ~  £60


1.5 Hour Running Clinic

Full Physio-led assessment plus both the above options  ~  £80


Becky and Chris are both highly experienced runners.  Chris also comes well recommended by Tom Goom aka “The Running Physio”- a highly specialised treatment model with a proven record of success.  Read Tom’s endorsement here

We are a Covid-secure clinic.  Call us today on 01484 660663 

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